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Welcome to Epic Fail!

This guild if for people who are looking to progress further into raids.
At the moment we need people to submit their play time so that we can set up our raids around every ones schedule.
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Wow999, Jun 23, 10 6:13 PM.
Raid Leader: Avion (Jay): If have any questions about raids/bosses just ask him.

Recruit Manager: Equinex or Lockjjaw (Brian): For recruitment questions go to him.

Guild/Bank Organizer: LustfulSin or HopeLusting (Holly): Any questions about the bank or how the guild is being organized ask her.


Wow999, Jun 23, 10 6:06 PM.
- We will be starting to do Daily Dungeons runs for people who need badge gear.

- We haven't gotten raid times due to not having every ones schedules, but we are currently working on it. For the raids we are doing just look on the calender in game.
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